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Rare but Important Key Types for a Locksmith

So far, a lot of different key types have been described; however, there are still quite a few to be dealt with. The reason for so many different keys is, of course, the fact that there are many different types of locks as well and they all have their own specially designed keys. Anyway, of what is left, this article will deal with three types of keys which are not used very often and these are the so-called zeiss key, the magnetic key and keycard. Read more...

Locksmithing – Some less Frequent Key Types

When types of keys are considered, other than the house, the car and the master key which are the most usual ones, there is a very large number of different types and these vary according to different features and they are also designed for special locks which are usually not installed in the residential facilities, but rather in large companies and businesses. Thus, this article will describe the characteristics of the paracentric, internal cut, abloy and dimple key. Read more...

Keys Types a Locksmith Should Be Familiar With
There are, of course, different types of keys that do not differ only in their shape but also in many different features. The type of a key depends on a lock that it is supposed to open and there are a large number of different key types. Apart from the three main and the most regular ones which are the house key, the car key and the master key. However, there are also those that are not so often encountered but that are also in use when there is the need for the locks they can open. This article will deal with the features of the transponder key, the double-sided key and the four-sided key. Read more...


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